3D Digital Dentistry

3D VS. 2D

Traditional dental x-rays are 2-dimensional views of teeth and jaw structures. 3D imaging offers the ability to rotate tooth and jawbone structures for 360-degree viewing from every angle, providing additional information for the treatment planning process.

Dental Implants

Cone beam imaging offers the ability for Dr. Swenson to plan and simulate placement of dental implants, "virtually". Through colored visualization of the nerve canal and the depiction of the bones in all dimensions, he can adapt the implant in an ideal manner to fit the patient's anatomy. In some cases, Dr. Swenson uses these 3D tools to design a surgical guide for use during the implant procedure for added efficiency during treatment.

CEREC® Implant Crowns

After the dental implant has healed, Dr. Swenson can then utilize 3D planning data even further for design of the implant crown restoration with CEREC®. This remarkable system offers us the ability to provide our patients with a crown in a single visit. 1-Visit technology means no messy dental impressions or temporary restorations! You leave our office with the finished result - a beautiful implant crown restoration that is custom-fitted and looks and feels like a natural part of your smile.

Sleep Apnea

Dr. Swenson is now providing Dental Sleep Apnea treatment in conjunction with medical sleep studies. The level of detail that 3D imaging provides in relation to oral structures also reveals important information on the airway space and helps "tell the story" about patient snoring and possible airway blockages to aid in early screening of sleep apnea disorders.

CEREC® 3D Dentistry with Galileos®

We are all super-excited, as this also takes CEREC® dentistry into an entirely new arena! Galileos® 3D imaging communicates with the CEREC® CAD-CAM design software, providing Dr. Swenson with important details while he is creating CEREC® crowns, bridges, or dental implant restorations.

Dr. Swenson has recently integrated Galileos® cone beam technology with 3D diagnostics and high resolution imaging into his clinical practice. This radiography system allows Dr. Swenson to analyze 3-dimensional views of oral structures in the treatment planning process.

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Edelweiss Composite Veneers

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